Sleep Oil Roller
Sleep Oil Roller

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Sleep Oil Roller

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This 5 mL oil roller is great for creating a relaxing and grounding last moment of your day before your head hits the pillow. These essential oils work together to create a tranquil environment so you can feel confident that you will wake up refreshed. 

Contains therapeutic grade:

  • Lavender oil
    • creates a tranquil environment
    • may help ease occasional nervous tension and improve sleep quality for occasional sleeplessness
    • contains cleansing and antioxidant properties
    • may help cleanse and soothe minor skin irritations
    • supports general wellness
    • has a sweet, floral aroma
  • Frankincense oil
    • has a grounding, woodsy aroma that can be used to enhance your spiritual, meditation, or yoga practices
    • helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones
    • promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin
  • Citrus Fresh oil
    • has an invigorating and uplifting scent
    • creates a creative environment
    • provides antioxidant properties
  • 100% fractionated coconut carrier oil
    • added to dilute oils for topical use

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