Tension Oil Roller
Tension Oil Roller

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Tension Oil Roller

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This 5 mL oil roller is great for the tension points throughout your day. These essential oils work together to ease discomfort and create an environment where you can best thrive. 

Contains therapeutic grade:

  • Peppermint oil
    • cools fatigued muscles after physical activity
    • has an invigorating aroma that is conducive to work or study
    • creates a refreshing breathing experience
  • Marjoram oil
    • helps comfort fatigued muscles when paired with a soothing massage
    • creates a soothing environment
    • has an herbaceous, slightly sweet aroma
    • contains antioxidants
  • Panaway oil
    • soothing to fatigued muscles after physical activity
    • provides a cooling sensation when applied to shoulders, neck, and scalp
    • offers a refreshing, stimulating aroma
  • Lemon oil
    • has a fresh, zesty, citrus aroma
    • helps neutralize unwanted odors
    • contains antioxidants
  • 100% fractionated coconut carrier oil
    • added to dilute oils for topical use

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